Inspired Living -Maternity Pillow

Inspired Living -Maternity Pillow

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As recommended by medical practitioners: it is best to sleep on your side during pregnancy for optimum comfort, support and for the health of your baby. The Inspired Living Pillow was designed by a mum to be and trialed by many pregnant women with positive results.


For a Good Nights Sleep while Pregnant

The pillow and pillow case are easy care items, which are non-allergenic ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers. The pillow case is 100% cotton, for a soft and natural finish and the pillow filling is hand stuffed to ensure support for your body and baby during pregnancy. 


Inspired_Living_feeding_pillow_1.jpgLie down and curl up or stretch out on your side, then cross one leg over the other with the pillow between your legs. Can also be used as a bolster pillow for added back support on your bed during pregnancy or after pregnancy and for comfortable breastfeeding and feeding. 


Maternity Pillow Features

  • Non allergenic - ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Odour free
  • Hand stuffed filling ensures support for your body and baby during pregnancy
  • 100% cotton pillow cover for a soft, natural finish
  • Pillow dimensions: 140 x 40cm
  • Includes a plastic storage case with carry handles
  • Easy care: the pillow is hand washable; the pillow cover can be removed and machine washed.