Bobux - step up - Rose Ride Boot

Bobux - step up - Rose Ride Boot

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The Rider boot, with nappa leather outer and pink leather lining, features a scallop strap and is a gorgeous girl's boot. The Scallop detailing provides that wow factor to spruce up any outfit. These are great winter classic, and look lovely dressed up or down. These boots go perfectly with a pair of feature tights or leggings & a dress. Built on our custom Step Up last and in line with foot health best practice for the First Walker stage.

Bobux believe in ‘stage, not age’ and Step Ups exemplify this philosophy. Meeting the needs of children learning to walk, cruising, and new to unassisted walking,
Step Ups will suit children from as young as 7 months to 2 years and beyond – depending on their developmental progress. Built on unique custom lasts and making use of Bobux’ industry leading expertise Step Ups are designed to support healthy foot development through this crucial stage.

 Step Ups are styled like little shoes (who doesn’t want cool kicks for their kids?) while retaining all the important design features of healthy first walker footwear.

When your child takes their first assisted steps, it won’t be long until they are cruising around furniture and starting to explore the wide world outdoors. This is when they’ll need some first walking shoes.
However, at this stage children are still learning to walk confidently and their foot shape reflects this. You will notice that their feet are still not muscular, feature a fat layer on the sole and chubby square toes. Also, their arch and achilles remain undefined.

 From the category redefining Xplorer, to the dapper Moccasin, Step Ups take these foot shape and developmental needs into account. With flexible soles, premium materials and workmanship, and room for feet to grow andstrengthen, Bobux Step Ups have your new walker (soon to be runner) covered.

Step Up Features
  • FLEXIBILITY! Rigid = bad. Flex = good!
  • High quality textiles and designs physically fit for new walkers.
  • Outdoor tested soles. World exploration sorted.
  • Built on custom Step Up stage ‘lasts’. Anatomical design for natural foot development