Bobux - step up -  Gamma - Fuchsia

Bobux - step up - Gamma - Fuchsia

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Step up shoes are perfect for first walkers, as they have a flexible sole that enables feet to bend and move naturally, and have 100% leather uppers for natural breathability.

9-12 months
Most children will have taken their first successful steps but don’t worry if your little one hasn’t yet as all children develop naturally in their own time. As your child starts to walk don’t be concerned if their feet look flat. This is normal. Arches don’t fully develop until after 3 years of age but allowing natural foot movement and development now will support natural arch development.

12-18 months
Your little one is most likely a confident walker by now and keeping you on your toes! You will notice that your child’s foot has become leaner as the fat on their feet vanishes with all the movement their feet and legs are doing. As bones are still soft it is still vital to keep feet in footwear that allows full freedom of natural movement, which means thin flexible soles, and
wide toe areas.

18 months – 3 years
Feet have become very lean and arches should be developing. Your little one will only become more and more active at this time so be mindful of what you put on their feet. They need gentle protection but no restriction. Allow them to run
barefoot if possible.