Fertile Mind - BellyBra
Fertile Mind - BellyBra
Fertile Mind - BellyBra

Fertile Mind - BellyBra

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The belly bra is basically a garment that is made with spandex like elastic material. It will look just like a normal top and one can even wear the good brands just like a top without having to wear anything over it.
The belly bra is actually recommended by several doctors. When a woman is pregnant, there is an enormous strain on her back and pelvis. The weight of the growing baby will often cause back pain and pelvis pain for women, especially if they are small made or petite in nature. The problems are compounded when the woman is overweight. The belly bra will distribute the weight of the baby and the belly very evenly across the backs and the shoulders. This will mean that an enormous weight is lifted off the lower back and the pelvis as the weight will be distributed across the shoulders as well as the upper back, both of which have stronger muscles than the lower back.

  • Proven in Royal Women's Hospital clinical trial to alleviate back pain in most cases.
  • Lightweight, slip-on garment that lifts weight off the pelvis.
  • Improves pregnancy posture.
  • Worn with or without a maternity bra.
  • Cooling x-shaped back.
  • Recommended by physiotherapists, medical professionals and chiropractors.
  • Easy care nylon/spandex.

Size Guide:
Small 8-10
Medium 12-14
Large 16-18
XL 18-20