I finally did it!

So today, I finally stopped procrastinating and put up some of my handmade items for sale on the website.

It has been so long coming and not all items are up yet, but I have started.  

Now it means that I really need to crack on and get all those half finished projects completed so that they can be loaded as well.

I mostly prefer to knit cute wee baby items, however I do make the odd piece for grown ups as well.

Using wool that I (or my friend Dee) finds at garage sales and second hand stores, I try to create items which utilise the wool I have at my disposal, the most effective and creative way I can.

I hope you all enjoy my tiny range of handmade goodies from recycled sources (mostly).

I will continue to add items as I complete them and come summer I am hoping to break out the sewing machine and start working on some pieces using all the fabric that I have had stored for years - also donated by friends and family and sourced from garage sales.

Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions on items you would like me to attempt to create.